251 ps3

Computer Science 251
Android App Development

Assignment 3: Criminal Intent

Due Friday 11 May


  • Understand Android dialogs
  • Understand fragments
  • Begin CriminalIntent, your second major app
  • Improve CriminalIntent
  • Understand SQLite databases, the standard way of saving and retrieving information in an Android app

What to do

As usual there will be some textbook material to read through; in this case, Chapters 7 through 14. As before, read through all of these chapters carefully, making the suggested modifications to your CriminalIntent app along the way, and appreciating that AndroidStudio may have changed a bit since the textbook was published.

By my estimation, you should be able to complete the following challenges within the week we have allocated to this final phase of the textbook. As before, I will be happy to adjust these expectations if they turn out to be unreasonable:

  • Chapter 8 : RecyclerView ViewTypes (Extra-Credit option)
  • Chapter 9 : Formatting the Date
  • Chapter 12 : More Dialogs
  • Chapter 13 : Deleting Crimes
  • Chapter 14 : Deleting Crimes (modified from Chapter 13)

What to turn in

Zip up your CriminalIntent project folder and upload it to sakai.