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Assignment #1: Table-View Based Applications

To complete this task, read through Chapters 4-5 of the textbook and follow the instructions in Chapter 5 to complete the City Guide app. When you’re done, zip up your CityGuide folder and email it to me as an attachment. If you have time, feel free to get creative and add features beyond the ones specified in the book. If you do this, be sure to tell me about these features in your email, so I can try them out.

Here’s a tip: instead of writing the whole first part of the app at once, take “baby steps”, saving a copy of your entire project folder after each step so you can backtrack if needed:

  1. Get a basic empty app working (as you did with HelloWorld)
  2. Add the table view
  3. Add the code for the table view

With these first few programming tasks, there may be a temptation to download and submit all or part of a solution from the web. Later, when you get into your actual, original project, I of course encourage you to incorporate solutions you find on the web, and to share them with others via the blog. But in the meantime I ask you to put in your email a version of the W&L Honor Pledge, stating that you did not use any resources beyond the instructions in the textbook to complete the assignment.