251 ps2

Assignment #2: Other View Controllers

This is a multi-part assignment, involving more than one app. To complete the assignment, read pages 115-157 of the textbook and follow the instructions to complete the following apps:

  • BatteryMonitor app (pp. 116-126). Before submitting this app to me, test it on your own iOS device after registering as an app developer, or have me test it on my iPhone.
  • TabExample app (127-131). Just work through page 131; don’t worry about adding the table view to the first tab.
  • The two modifications to CityGuide:
    • Modal views (137-148)
    • Image picker (148-157)

When you’re done, zip up your apps and email them to me as attachments. As usual, feel free to get creative and add features beyond the ones specified in the book. If you do this, be sure to tell me about these features in your email, so I can try them out.

FYI, for making icons, I like to use GIMP.