Tentative Schedule of CS101 Lectures and Labs (Prof. Levy)

Monday Lab Wednesday Friday

Jan. 5
Week 1

What is CS: Algorithms Labs 2,3
Search for value, search for largest
Algorithms/Searching: Pseudocode, Syntax, Semantics Algorithms: Data Cleanup

Jan 12 Week 2

Algorithms: Sorting, Efficiency Labs 4,5
Data cleanup, Sort
Algorithms: QuickSort Efficiency: LogN and Binary Search

Jan 19
Week 3

Timing Problems Lab 6
Sort timing
Introductory Programming Writing GUI’s in Java

Jan 26
Week 4

Java Control Structures Java Lab 1:
Programming environment,
Simple Coding
Text Processing with Loops NO CLASS:

Mock Con


Feb 2
Week 5

Event-Driven Loops and the Lifetime of Variables Java Lab 2:
Text Processing; Lifetime of Variables; Random Numbers
Exam #1: Algorithms & Java No Lecture

Feb 9
Week 6

Intro to Boolean Logic Lecture: Logic Circuits

Lab 7: Logic circuits

More logic circuits Number Systems

Feb 23
Week 7

Control Circuits Lab 8: More Logic Circuits Computer Systems Organization The Processor & Machine Language

Mar 1 Week 8

Sequencing, Selection, and Loops
in Machine Language
Lab 9:
von Neumann Machine
Assembly Language More About
Assembly Language

Mar 8
Week 9

Program Translation Lab 10
Assembly Language
Exam #2:
From Boolean Logic to Assembly Language
How the Internet Works

Mar 15
Week 10

The Internet, the Web,
and HTML
Lab 17
Programming Language Translation
Java Applets and CGI Scripts Intro. to Cryptography:
Turing Award Speech by
Adi Shamir

Mar 22
Week 11

Special Topics I:
Lab 20:
Symmetric Cryptography; Block Ciphers; DES Asymmetric Cryptography: RSA

Mar 29
Week 12

CryptographyHot Topics I: PGP and Authentication Data Encryption Lab Open Source and Related Issues Final Exam Review