How to get and run Logisim

How to Download and Run Logisim

Windows users: This Sourceforge link should get you an executable app that you can just save to your desktop and double-click to launch.

Mac users:  The problem with the Sourceforge link is that the Mac program is out-of-date.  To get around this:

    1. Download and unzip this file and move the resulting .jar file to your desktop.                                  
    2. Install Java on your Mac.  Since you’re going to need the entire Java Development Kit (JDK) for CSCI 209 anyway, you’re better off downloading and install the JDK now, using this link.  (After download, you’ll get a .dmg file that will either self-launch for installation or allow you to install via the usual double-click.)                                                                   
    3. After you’ve downloaded and installed the JDK, open a terminal and enter the following commands to launch Logisim.

   cd ~/Desktop

   java -jar logisim-generic-2.7.1.jar

         If this doesn’t work, let me know, and we’ll get it working together!