Multi-Factor Analysis of Variance

This project contains the C source code, make file, man page, and example data for ANOVA, a program to do multi-factor analysis of variance on Linux/Unix systems, though the source code should compile on any platform. The program inputs a file of column-formatted numerical data (like exported text from Excel), and produces a standard ANOVA table, including F ratios and degrees of freedom. This information can then be used to determine signifance levels using tables from a statistics textbook, or or online software.

You can set up the entire package by downloading

On Linux/Unix systems, the program should compile just by typing “make”. Once you’ve made the executable, you can try it out by typing “anova sleep” or “anova -h grapes”. For more information about the program, type “man ./anova.1”, or install the man page in your man path, and type “man anova”.

Please contact me with questions, comments, or suggestions.